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Womens Softball

Touch 'em all

Inspired by the true story of Sarah Tucholsky and Mallory Holtman, a Senior softball player hits her first and only homerun in the last game of the season, only to tear her ACL as she rounds first base.  What happens next makes sports history.

Dramatic Inspirational story / similar to RUDY
Surfer with Surfboard

Surf's Up

Katie, a top American surfer from San Diego, is invited to teach at a prestigious surf school in Australia.  Controversy ensues when Katie is challenged to a surfing competition by the local female champion.

Drama / Romance / Sports / Fun & Energetic

Sweet 15

Sophie is turning 15 and her parents are so excited to be planning the big Quinceanera celebration.  However, Sophie would much rather be spending her time and the family money on her new robotics project.

Robotics / Romance

Fiddle About

A fish out of water story about an introverted boy from a small fishing town who comes to the big city and struggles to fit into the performing arts College.

Dramatic / Comedy / think THE KARATE KID or BILLY ELLIOT / Lindsay Stirling

King of the Camp

A Romeo/Juliet musical about a lowly camp Kitchen boy who is forced to compete with the macho camp bully in a wakeboarding competition to win the heart of a popular counselor. 

Sports / Drama / Musical / remake

King of the Slopes

A quasi-sequel to King of the Camp about a boy who competes in a snowboarding competition to help change the status quo of the club.

Sports / Drama / Musical / similar to HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL - Sequel
Image by Vince Fleming

Aim High

Russell is a master archer and is trying to qualify for the Olympic archery team.  Emily is a clever math student who has never used a bow and arrow but knows all about parabolic arcs.  By showing Russell that archery is based on mathematics, Emily helps Russell achieve his goal.

Drama / Sports / Romance

Good Guy Bad Guy

After graduating from college and struggling to find jobs, four college students develop an elaborate scheme to extract money from self check out kiosks at grocery stores.  They have to purchase lots of groceries that they donate to homeless shelters and food banks.  Are they good or bad?

Drama / Comedy

TV Series

Guitar Playing


15 X 45 min episodes                          Students from all over the world compete at an elite music school to win the prestigious "battle of the bands" competition and the coveted prize of a studio recording contract.

Dramatic young adult series / similar to the OC
Dog in Action

Camp K-9

20 X 30 min episodes                          A summer camp where kids and counselors go to train service dogs.  Each camper is assigned a dog to train for the summer and lots of fun & antics ensue; who is training who?

Comedic teen series / Disney style / lots of dogs
College Students

Plan A / Plan B

Reality 26 X 30 min episodes

Everyone has dreams of what they want to be when they grow up.  Lots of people try to pursue those dreams, but how many actually accomplish them.  What do they do once they realize that their dreams will not become reality?

Reality series / drama
ISM Pic of 4 posed.jpeg

Play or Pray 

20 X 45 min episodes                          Based on the feature film "ISM", four business school graduates launch a spirituality software development company that services a diverse range of wacky & eccentric clients who seek to create and launch their own new religions.

Comedy / Drama
Gymnast Mid-air

The Final Five

Reality 26 X 30 min episodes            Olympic gymnasts work with gymnastics teams from their home towns and prepare them for an elite nationwide contest.  The Final Five person team will win the grand prize of attending the World Gymnastics Championships.

Reality series / Gymnastics / Competition