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The Mentorship 


"Other people tell you

what needs to be done,

I do it for you"

- Jeff Deverett


"It is super challenging to make and market an independent movie. 

If you're going to embark on this perilous journey, you should do it with an experienced mentor at your side who can strategically guide you through every step of the process."

Jeff Deverett

The Mentorship Program is 100 hours of one-on-one consulting wherein you will be guided through all the intricacies of development, financing, producing, distributing, and marketing your independent movie.

If you follow my guidance you will be able to get your movie made on time and on budget and you will learn how to market and distribute your movie throughout the world. 

The program is divided into four segments x 25 hours as outlined below.  

Each Segment is paid in advance of using the hours. 


Segment 1:


USD $3,125: 

The first 25 hours

(ie. $125 / hr)


  • Identify who will watch your movie.

  • How will you create awareness of your movie

  • How will you release your movie?

  • Creating a Marketing & Distribution Plan

  • Social Media & Publicity 

  • Much more...

Segment 2:


USD $2,750: 

The second 25 hours

(ie. $110 / hr)


  • Where will you get the money to make your movie?

  • Private Investment & deal structure

  • Tax credits

  • Crowd-funding

  • Pre-sales / Domestic & Foreign

  • Much more...

Segment 3:


USD $2,250: 

The third 25 hours

(ie. $90 / hr)


  • Making your film ON TIME and ON BUDGET

  • Script Breakdown & Production Schedule

  • Realistic B Budgeting

  • Casting

  • Hiring Department Heads & Crew

  • Locations, Equipment, Vehicles, etc.

  • Much more...

Segment 4:


USD $1,875: 

The final 25 hours

(ie. $75 / hr)


  • 3rd Party Distribution vs. Self Distribution

  • Understanding Distribution contracts

  • Film Festivals and Film Markets


  • Social Media, Publicity, Advertising

  • Much more...


In addition to consulting advice, I will also provide generic templates and documents for various elements of financing, production, and distribution. 


  • The mentorship program is a 3rd party work for hire consulting arrangement; not an employment agreement.

  • All consulting hours throughout the program are accounted for in 20-minute segments.  

  • The lump-sum payment for each segment is a retainer for the hours in that segment.

  • Speed & Duration of Consulting:  Consulting sessions will be at the speed at which the client is able to function.  Some clients work faster than others.  For slow working clients, if it appears that the entire program (ie. 100 hours) will extend beyond one year in duration, Deverett reserves the right to terminate any uncommitted segments of the program after 11 months from commencement.

  • Once a segment is paid for, both the client & Deverett commit to the 25 hours in that segment.  After the conclusion of any segment, the client has the option to discontinue future segments.

  • If a client conducts themselves inappropriately or illegally, Deverett has the option to terminate the client mid-segment and if so, Deverett will refund the client a pro-rata amount of the segment fee based on hours used. Note: the client cannot terminate mid-segment.

  • Deverett provides consulting advice only; He does not act as a Producer, Partner, Lawyer, or any other type of business associate for the production. 

  • Deverett assumes NO legal, financial, or other responsibility or liability for any of the actions of the client.  Deverett does not carry liability insurance.

  • Deverett does not take a credit in the movie.

  • Segment Payments are made through VENMO or PayPal. 

Specific Client Details:

·       Mentorship Program will commence on the date specified by the client

·       Client will give a target date of production.

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