A professional investor pitch package includes:

     a well-structured PowerPoint presentation that guides the investor through the investment opportunity

     a one page Executive Summary of the investment opportunity

     a 2 minute promo video about the project

     a key artwork image / poster art

     a logline – a one sentence overview of the story

     a short (one paragraph) story description and a longer (one page) story description 

     a legal structure for the investment; ie. partnership, equity, loan, etc?

     a financing plan that summarizes all of the financing sources

    a distribution plan that outlines the realistic revenue streams of the movie

    a recoupment plan that explains how & when investors will get their money back


    a summary of “comparable movies” and their revenue streams

    a realistic and credible production budget for making the movie

    an outline of the marketing and social media launch plans

    an overview of the production team and their ability & experience in making good movies on time and on budget

    a completion guarantee; finishing your film “on time” and “on budget”

    a vision statement from you, the filmmaker, and why they should trust you and believe in your vision


Customized investor pitch package that includes all of the above noted items

Cost: $10,000