One-on-one consulting with Jeff Deverett

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Get personalized, expert advice from a professional distributor turned filmmaker

Jeff Deverett is a “career indie filmmaker” having made and successfully distributed seven feature films.  He is a Producer, Director, and Writer known for Full Out 2: You Got This! ( 2020), ism (2019), The Samuel Project (2018), Kiss & Cry (2017), Full Out (2015), King of the Camp (2008), and My Brother's Keeper (2004). 


With Finance & Law degrees, Jeff began his career in the Distribution side of the industry and has over thirty years of experience in negotiating and constructing film deals. Knowing all of the inner workings of distribution and production, Jeff is well-positioned to assist indie filmmakers in both the art and business of filmmaking.  “Making and selling an indie feature film is like climbing Mount Everest,” says Deverett, “the first time you do it, you want to be guided by someone who is very experienced.”  


Let Jeff help guide you through the entire process from initial development, financing, investor relations, tax credits, scheduling & budgeting, post-production & delivery, worldwide distribution, marketing, merchandising, and so much more.  With each personalized one-on-one consulting session, Jeff offers unique insights and honest strategic advice for those hoping to make and sell a "commercially viable" indie movie.  


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